Irugur Lake

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Irugur lake is situated near to L&T by-pass road in the Irugur Village.

Latitude: 11° 01’15″ N and Longitude: 77° 05’00″ E

Size of wetland

Catchment area: 5.120 Sq. Km (based on the watershed Atlas)
Lake bed area – 64.00 acres (RTI)

Storage capacity – 24.76 MCft (RTI)
Water Level (FTL) – 2.64 m
Lake bund length – 854 m

Inlet and outlets

The lake is being fed by Irugur anicut channel from Noyyal River.

The lake is provided with the outlet connection to feed the Neelambur lake, which is located east of the lake. It has surplus weir arrangement of about 25.61 m situated east side of the lake.

No of Inlets – 1 (1 from River Noyyal)
No of Outlets – 2 (1 Weir and 1 sluice)

Encroachments – Not Known
Agriculture – Yes
Fishing – No


Closely located to Oil Storage Depots of IOC and BP.


A road from byepass road is on the Southern side bund of this lake. Not much vehicle traffic in this road.


Found Pond herons, Egrets, White-breasted waterhens, Purple Moorehens, Cormorants, grebes and coots. A detailed study has to be taken on Trees, Plants, Birds, Fishes, Insects, Amphibians, Reptiles, etc,.

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